Water Billing-Rates

Rates as of 10/1/2020


All water customers have meters to measure actual water used. You will be billed $8.16 per unit (1 unit is 1,000 gallons).

Ready to Serve

This monthly service charge covers maintainance and replacement of meters. Readiness-to-Serve Charge is based on the largest size meter at the service connection.

  • $3.33 - 1 inch or smaller meter
  • $6.66 - 1.5 inch meter
  • $13.33 - 2 inch meter
  • $20.00 - 3 inch meter
  • $26.66 - 4 inch meter
  • $33.33 - 6 inch meter


Please contact the Clerk's Department for pricing/process to purchase the meter horn. The irrigation meter exclusively measures water used for outdoor watering and irrigation. You will be billed $8.16 per unit (1 unit is 1,000 gallons). Since the water does not enter the sanitary sewer system, you will be billed for water usage only. Please refer to brochure Could an Irrigation Meter Save You Money?