American Rescue Plan Act
Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund

Under the ARPA and CLFRF Howell Township is scheduled to receive a total of $756,754.00.  This amount is based on the population determined by the U.S. Treasury and the Township’s top-line budget.  Howell Township received the first half of the money in September of 2021.  The second payment will be received approximately 12 months after the first payment.

Allowable expenditures for Howell Township include investments in sewer, water, and broadband.

The Howell Township Board has agreed to use the funds for the following projects to date:

Proposed Broadband Expansion with Mi Signal
The Howell Township Board has decided to make high-speed broadband internet access a priority for the residents of the Township.  Howell Township is working with Mi Signal, a Howell based internet company, to provide fiber optic service at gigabit speeds.  The Township will be split into two areas: the unserved areas of the Township that lack broadband internet, and underserved areas of the Township that may have broadband internet at the road but no feasible way to get internet to their house.  Howell Township will be dedicating $350,000.00 of the Township’s ARPA funds toward these projects with the goal of providing access to every house in the Township.

 Unserved Areas of the Township
The Northwest and Southwest sections of the Township do not have access to broadband internet.  These two areas will be the priority areas to extend broadband service.  The areas highlighted in yellow on the map below will be built out in approximately 6 months. 

 Underserved areas of the Township
The remainder of the Township is considered to be underserved.  The build out time of the underserved area is 18 months. 

Sewer Pump Stations
Currently 6 of our sewer pump stations do not have remote control capabilities.  The remaining 6 pump stations will get updated equipment that allows the waste water plant operator to remotely monitor and operate these stations.  Approximate cost of these upgrades is $16,500.

See public notices page of this website for more information.

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